Lube Oil Purifier

Lubricating Oil Purifier

KLEANOIL VLP series Lubricating Oil Purifier combine filtration, coalescer and vacuum evaporation into one process, therefore the system can help to get rid of oil contamination problems caused by moisture, gas, and solid particulates.

The unit can rapidly and thoroughly remove all three forms of water contents (free, emulsified, and dissolved), reducing the moisture to 50 ppm and below.

Turbine Oil Conditioner

Lubricating oils used in steam gas turbine systems usually faced with severe contamination of various of water contents and mechanical impurities. KLEANOIL VTP Turbine Oil Purifier is designed for oil recondition, removing contaminants form turbine oil, prevent sludge accumulation, which in turn ensure the safe operation of the turbine system.

The oil conditioning system's coalescence separation unit can effectively remove free water content , while vacuum dehydration process expel dissolved moisture down to 50 ppm.

Fire-resistant Hydraulic Fluid EH Oil Purification Machine

KLEANOIL HFRP series Fire-resistant Hydraulic Fluid EH Oil Purification System can be used in many industries. The typical practice includes processing EH oil in power turbine control systems (Electro Hydraulic Controls).

This oil purification system is designed according to the properties and working condition of phosphate ester base fire-resistant hydraulic fluids , and therefore can greatly extend the oil's service life.

Disc Oil Centrifuge

Disc Stack Centrifuges are widely used in various industries to keep service oil in good condition. The system maintains oil dry and clean, ensuring safe operation of the equipment.

Centrifugal Separator is especially suitable for oils which contain high water content and coarse mechanical impurities,such as turbine lube oil, marine fuel oil, etc.

Portable Oil Purifier

KLEANOIL PFC series Portable Oil Purifier is designed for oils that mainly contaminated by mechanical impurities, debris or solid particulates. The oil filter cart can be two or three stage filtration design, and heaters can also be added for processing high viscosity oil, and make ensure smooth flow.