Transformer Oil Processing Equipment

Transformer Oil Processing Equipment are designed for improving BDV of insulating fluids of electric power equipment.

Double-stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System

KLEANOIL DVTP series Transformer Oil Purification System is designed for processing dielectric fluids used in oil filled HV transformers.With double-stage high vacuum design, DVTP series insulating oil treatment plant have improved dehydration and degassing capacity, therefore especially suitable for maintenance tasks of high voltage power & distribution transformers.

Transformer oil vacuum dehydration unit can be used to enhance the breakdown voltage of new untreated oil, or purify in-service insulating fluid, so as to improve electrical insulation properties and extend its lifespan.

DVTP oil dehydrators can also act as a vacuum pump system for transformer evacuation and perform vacuum oil filling tasks.

Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

KLEANOIL SVTP series Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machines remove water contents, gases, and solid contaminants from insulating fluids, recovering oil dielectric strength (BDV).

SVTP Transformer oil purifier also helps dry out moisture inside cellulose insulation & winding. Particulate impurities are separated gradually, from coarse particles to tiny ones, as they pass the filter assembly. The filter fineness can be customized according to a client request.

SVTP transformer oil processing system has a compact design. The vacuum oil degasifier can be encased and mounted on a mobile trailer for on-site field work at power station, electrical substations , and where transformer maintenance is needed. Besides oil-immersed transformers, SVTP insulating oil purifier can also be applied to maintain oils used in other attendant electrical equipment, such as regulators, reactors, circuit breakers, switchgear, etc.

Vacuum Pumping Transformer Evacuation System

KLEANOIL VTES series Transformer Evacuation Systems are mainly used in the electrical industry for evacuating transformer tanks. The equipment can deal with different gaseous and liquid media, and pumping speed and operating vacuum limit can be customized. The multi-stage vacuum pump skid offered by us consist of one or more Roots pumps in combination with backing pump, so VTES vacuum pumping unit has adequate capacity to handle moisture discharge from transformers of different sizes.

The equipment can be mobile type with castors or trailer at base, and lifting hooks can be attached as required.

Tap Changer Oil Filter Unit

KLEANOIL TPF Series Oil Filter Unit is designed for on load switch/tap-changer oil maintenance. Cyclic purification process constantly keeps clean and dry of the dielectric oil from bypass of the transformer and high voltage switch.The filter elements effectively absorb carbon, trace water and tiny mechanical particles, and ensure oil insulation.

The TPF on-line oil filtration system reduce regular tap changer maintenance work and increase equipment electrical reliability.