HBVT Transformer Oil Dielectric Strength/Breakdown Voltage Tester

BDV tester
HBVT portable oil BDV tester is designed by IEC156 for analyzing dielectric strength of insulating oil. Adopt industrial SCM to control, which is applied to integrate circuit, new model I / 0 connection, particular testing and anti-jamming technology which largely improve the machine's capacity.
1. Power supply: AC220V , 50 HZ or as neeeded
2. Output voltage: 60KV, 80KV, 100KV (100KV should be special designed)
3. Capacity: 1.6KVA, 2.0KVA
4. Pressure increase speed : about 2 kva/s
5. Pressure testing speed: 3%
6. Dielectric strength sensitivity : <2KV
7. Wave form distortion : <3%
8. Time of dielectric strength: <10ms
9. Polar distance: 2.5mm
10. Weight: 40kgs