08Jun 2019
filter element

Nowadays, the importance of reducing and minimizing particle ingression is widely realized. Because particle accumulation will endanger equipment reliability, keep the contamination in an acceptable level is crucial. It’s also important to understand how particles get into machinery and what you can do to decrease or even get rid of ingression. Solid contamination can enter […]

01Jul 2019
oil sample

Recently I got a rare but interesting question from a client, who asked if oil might be filtered too much and therefore get over-purified? The answer, however, is not a simple yes or no. Although cleaner oil does reduces equipment wear and improve machinery reliability, sparing no efforts for unnecessarily low ISO cleanliness might be […]

10Jul 2019
oil filtration efficiency

There are four main facets that will act on oil filtration, namely, the filter media material & structure, the oil’s viscosity, the fluid flow rates and pressure, the working conditions. The Oil’s Viscosity It is widely acknowledged that processing high viscosity oil with fine filter media will be difficult, and since the fluid viscosity varies […]

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