Nowadays, the importance of reducing and minimizing particle ingression is widely realized.

Because particle accumulation will endanger equipment reliability, keep the contamination in an acceptable level is crucial. It’s also important to understand how particles get into machinery and what you can do to decrease or even get rid of ingression.

Solid contamination can enter equipment through many ways, therefore, the most important is to take all preventive measures to diminish any foreign matters (dirt, moiture, etc.) from entering the system.

Result is determined by details. To keep your equipments free of contamination, you need to maintain a clean environment, use clean tools and operate proper regular purification of the equipment to remove any debris left behind, in this way to increase machine reliability. You have to make your equipment in its best condition so it can live up to its intended function, and minimizing contamination ingression is essential to meet this aim.

Contamination can also occur during procession. This is usually because of damaged seal. Faulty seals give particulates an easy way to enter machinery, which may lead to oil degradation. Monitoring should be performed regularly. Modifications and changing news seals may be a good idea for improving equipment reliability.

Always choosing the suitable seal material for your equipment, the ones that will go along with your lubricant, otherwise oil leaks may occur.Keep in mind that, if you see oil leaking out, contaminants may find the same way of getting inside the equipment.

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