Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength BDV Tester

Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength BDV Tester

HBVT Transformer Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester , in accordance with IEC156 stardard, is designed to check insulating oil's dielectric strength.The test set is compact and portable, therefore suitable for field work.

The tester operation is simple, one-key control mode.

SKU: HBVT Series
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  • Three output voltage option 60kv, 80kv, 100kv
  • Suitable for mineral, ester and silicon oils
  • Simple operation procedure
  • Clear menu control, fully automatic testing
  • Oil vessel with lockable adjustment
  • Digital display with LED screen
  • Test results storage, up to 99 groups
  • In-built printer convenient output


 Power Supply   Voltage:AC220V±10%       Frequency:50Hz±1Hz
 Service condition   Ambient temperature:-10℃~40℃   Relative humidity≤90%RH
 Dimensions  Length310mm*Width330mm*Height324mm
 Weight   22kg
 Measurement Accuracy   ±(2%×readings+1kV)
 Step-up rate   2.5kV/s±10%
 Output voltage  60kV, 80kV, 100kV
 Preset times   1~9Times
  Stirring time:0~99 s
  Silent pause 0~10 Minutes 39 s.

transformer oil BDV tester

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