• Transformer Oil Regeneration System
  • Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant.

Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant

KLEANOIL TORP Series Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant is designed specifically for aged insulating fluids which regular purification treatment (dehydration, degassing, filtration) cannot completely reclaim.

Technically speaking, oil oxidation starts once the transformer is put into use and energized. Under the influence of high temperature and oxygen, acids, polar compounds and other dissolved decay products will build up, and turn into sludge, which accelerate the oxidation process. In this way, oil insulation properties continuously degrade and oil color becomes darker.

After years of service inside electrical transformers, the dielectric oil becomes so deteriorated that oil regeneration system is required to help eliminate sludge from oil. Reconditioning process will greatly prolong insulating oil service life, and the reclaimed oil can be regarded as qualified as new oil again.

SKU: TORP series
  • Processing capacity from 2000 to 10000 liter/hour
  • Pure physical recovery for aged transformer oil
  • Well structured regeneration columns
  • High efficient adsorbent activated clay
  • Oil color recovery with Fuller’s Earth
  • Reduce acids and corrosive sulfur from deteriorated oil
  • Improve interfacial tension and power factor
  • Environment friendly


  • Open skid base
  • Customizable design, material and components
Item Method Unit Oil Condition After Regeneration
Moisture ASTM D-1533 ppm <200 5
Gas ASTM D-2945 %v/v 10 0.1
Breakdown Voltage ASTM D-1816 KV <30 >70
Acidity ASTM D-664 mg KOH/g 0.2 <0.03
Tan Delta 90℃ ASTM D-924 mg KOH/g <0.01 <0.005
Interfacial Tension ASTM D971 Dynes/cm <15 >35
Color Visual Dark Brown/Cloudy Light Yellow/Clear


Models Flow Rate (liter/hour) Adsorbent Amount (kg)
TORP-2000 2000 800
TORP-4000 4000 1600
TORP-6000 6000 2400
TORP-8000 8000 3200
TORP-10000 10000 4000


Note: The technical data are for reference only. We reserve the right to make changes in the course of technical development of the product.


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